Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hunting Night

Syalai YMY , Venus Leez and I went out hunting for the " BigMilk " Restaurant LOL

Venus picked me up around 9pm and our first stop was at Rimba to send our friend's QZ uniforms then the hunting began ...

First, the MBA .. my Car Insurance Office, then off to Pulaie .. round and round we went..searching for the so-called "BigMilk" place..wondering where the post office were LOL than after a few rounds...few wrong "dead ends" road..we gave up .. as its very late and rainy the very last minute..when we were almost heading to go back..I saw the post office !!! Yeah..we were given the wrong "Post Office" branch LMAO we finally found it at a very different place as told hahaha

Next... we off to bandar for KFC ( Kianggeh Food Court ) - lots of guys so we went to other place.. STILL so many guys ... huhu Man U is having a match so..its no surprise. Our final place was JS.. yup.. we're having a very late supper *winks*


Met a guy friend there whom.. pet talking us to join his business *erks* and he did mentioned something that makes us felt so uncomfortable *hmmm* can he just shut his mouth up ?? We know he wants to quit his job ! But we're not ! So... don't do it again will you ?????

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