Friday, August 21, 2009

I heart you girls ~

Thanks to all my dearest friends and also my Cuzzie ;) I heart you all ~

Time : 7.15 - 10.00 pm ( wow ! aren't we FULL ? )

Venue : WYWY Restaurant

Food : Dim Sum

Hungry People : My cuzzie Nakalai, My best pal Atengz and my cute friend Yonggy ~

And THANKS to our LAG waiter . .

Around the restaurant . .

Our Food . . ( oh yummy ~ )

I'm totally full tonight and believe me, the waiter and the waitress + the couple next to our table are absolutely annoyed with me keep on clicking t he camera and ordering the food as we were more than 10 people hahaha and also . . What the heck with the Chicken legs ??? Such a SLOW waiter !!! and oh yea.. The drinks ~

And . . the Hungry Ladies . . ~

and the TWO most famish gurls . . ( hehe )

Girls . . we need to do this every month, don't you agree ? hahaha more pictures can be seen HERE


Anonymous said...

Lovely restaurent with delicious dishes yammmm.......


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y u l z said...

thanks for the comment Janny77, I wonder why I couldn't see your profile. hmmm . . .

fe3z said...

hehe...i like~~bah bla lg ??hehe..

y u l z said...

aku anytime nie teng ~ sapa plang blanja ? wahahaha